Friday, June 3, 2011

The Dead Man: The Dead Woman

Goodreads Summary:
Fourth book about Matt Cahill, a man who died in an avalanche, but didn't. Now he sees evil where other people can't and is plagued by a being called Mr. Dark.

My Review:
This was one of my favorite installments. I found it to have an interesting storyline and for the first time there was a serial killer loose among all of the other supernatural forces at work in the book.

As usual this was a one session, couldn't put the Kindle down read and I'm eager to see what happens next. In this one Matt meets a hot woman, Abbey, who helps him along on his mission of discovering who he is and what his purpose is. After all, a man isn't brought back from the dead for no the serial killer is letting bodies pile up and Matt is searching for Mr. Dark, Abbey brings a sexy and unique aspect to the book. A must read!

5/5 stars

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