Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Praying for Sleep

Goodreads Summary:
Praying for revenge...Psycho killer Michael Hrubek has escaped to find the woman who put him away. He'll show her what killing is all about...Praying for salvation...Lis knows he's out there. He's haunted every sleepless night, watching and waiting to take her to hell with him...And now Lis is Praying for Sleep.

My Review:
This book caused different feelings in me at different times. As I felt myself cringing I felt, at various times, disgust, awe, shock, horror, concern, confusion, resentment, and finally understanding. Sometimes books take us on a journey we aren't quite prepared for, but like anything new, we're usually grateful for the experience in the end.

Simply put and without spoilers or confusing you with names (he went Stephen King regarding the number of characters in this book). It's simply about an escaped paranoid schizophrenic who is seemingly going after the woman who testified against him in court. He is high functioning and much smarter than a "typical" schizophrenic. So, the chase he gives is on par with someone highly trained.
4/5 stars


  1. Oooh creepy! Sounds like a good episode of Criminal Minds or Breakout Kings.

  2. Yeah there were scenes in this one that were a tad worse though. I think the author has some major sexual dysfunction or something. Some of the stuff was just...weird.